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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

i don't know what got into me, really...

i really really don't do this...

But today i read an article that basically teased one of the seventeen hosts of THE VIEW for being grossly ignorant.

The perpetrator was one Sherri Shepherd

You can find her wonderfully thrilling bio here.

You may remember her from her earlier flap about stating something vaguely retarded about Earth may be flat...She doesn't really know. Here's her latest quip about the concept of B.C. in relation to judgment and measure of time.

I can't help but be frightened by this type of gross ignorance. People always tell me that I should 'relax' about it, but i find this type of stupidity as potentially dangerous as drunk driving...This woman speaks (stupidly) to an audience of millions each morning on THE VIEW and they may 'Amen sister' her all morning for reaffirming their own stupidity.

I find that absofuckinglutely horrifying.

I found myself choked on my own horrification that I was compelled to write ABC.


Oh well, here's the letter:

I find it horrifying that you can allow someone as ignorant and uninformed as Sherri Shepherd to draw a paycheck and posture her inarticulate views on your show, The View.

I recently watched a clip of your show where she postured the theory that "I don't think anything predated Christians." in a discussion about the concept of B.C. time and cultures that lived in that era.

This woman, who previously brought back the Dark Ages theory of a 'flat' Earth and non-belief in the fact of evolution. How in the world do you deem this person as some sort of spokesperson for your network? Indeed she takes up that mantle since she is one the five voices that hosts your show The View. It's this type of blatant ignorance and intellectual laziness that breeds contempt in your viewers for the type of show you produce.

Please, at the very least, send this ignorant beast to night school or get her an on-set tutor or simply buy a subscription to Encyclopedia Britannica.

Jason Piccolo

The moral (to me anywho) is that there are tons and tons of Right-wing morons who are just as uneducated who call in, write, email, and blog-rant about things they deem 'morally wrong' in the world of entertainment.

Well, why aren't we, the informed and enlightened, and (dare I say) evolved members of the LEFT making strides to complain about something just as morally reprehensible...


Lack of Truth



Please do yourself a favor and try to write someone a letter in the spirit of this thesis. We should not be deemed 'crazy' for wanting more from a basic grasp of history lest we be doomed to repeat it...

On the lighter side, she is now only the host of THE VIEW...At best she'll host some obscure game show in a few years and then end up blowing Ron Jeremy on the Surreal Life Uncensored Edition.

UPDATE - I have added this to Sherri's website too...


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