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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Olbermann speaks to Hillary's Assassination Comments...

why say it at all when Olbermann is around.

praise to allah that this dude is around to do something right on the news...

do yourself a favor, take the 10 minutes and watch this thing. Keith wraps up the case against Hillary pretty effectively here when he talks of her 'forgiveness' over the course of the campaign.

fuck her, racist, elitist pig. she's the problem. she (and her ilk) are the boulders in the path of true progressivism. i bet she 'cries' in about two days from now in an effort to 'humanize' her.


Blogger Steve Ballmer said...

Given all of the things throughout history which have happened in June, Hellary mentions the assassination of Bobby Kennedy? An unusually close parallel to Obama or wishful thinking or maybe instructions to the wack job racist out there?

"You guys aren't doing your job!"
That's what I hear Hellary saying!
Maybe that's just me, .... we will find out at Barak's wake.

7:14 PM, May 24, 2008  

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