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Monday, June 02, 2008

Fire at Universal Studios

i caught the news this week that there was a horrible fire at Universal Studios in California.

i fondly remember hitting up that tourist trap in the height of Back To The Future popularity and saw the clock tower, and the delorean, and the King Kong, and the Jaws...and mostly the Cylons from the (then defunct...LONG defunct) original Battlestar Galactica...

So, a lot of that history burned this week...Some of it is a shame, some of it was total crap...but all of it was a part of cinema history, for better or worse.

here is a little blog post from that touches on that 'magic'...

13 Movie Mementoes Lost In the Universal Studios Fire That Nobody Will Miss
by Toon, Lydon, & Rutledge Monday June 2, 2008 2:30 PM

The fast-moving, early morning blaze destroyed several movie sets and the King Kong exhibit..."Fortunately, nothing irreplaceable was lost," said Ron Meyer, chief operating officer of Universal Studios. -, June 1, 2008

1. The next-to-last Starfighter
2. Granny Klump’s prosthetic breasts
3. The pie from American Pie
4. Sting’s codpiece from Dune
5. Jim Belushi
6. Howard the Duck’s copy of Playduck magazine
7. The new cut of American Graffiti featuring an all-CGI Wolfman Jack more in line with the original vision of George Lucas
8. The rarely seen Satanic cauliflower from Veggie Tales
9. Body glitter washed off of Michael Beck after shooting Xanadu
10. Nick Nolte’s accent from Lorenzo’s Oil
11. The X-rated footage cut from Problem Child 2
12. An extensive collection of various vials, syringes, and scraps of scorched aluminum foil recovered from Robert Downey, Jr.’s trailers over the years
13. All prints of the secretly completed surprise sequel to Firefly


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